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Paper-Oh notebooks are the product of our passion for and knowledge of book design. But what fun is it if we keep all our secrets secret? Check in here for fun downloads and book art tips from the pros.

Origami Book Wrapper

Looking for a unique way to give the gift of a notebook? Paper artist extraordinaire Nadine Werner shares a folding technique to create a personalised Japanese-style book wrapper for the A7 and B6.5 notebook formats.

Simply click on the link below for the printable PDF template that corresponds to the book format you have (either A7 or B6.5). Then print off instructions and, if you’d like, a fun printable wrapping paper pattern inspired by our Yuko-Ori collection.

All printable templates and patterns are available in A4 and Letter paper sizes, so make sure to select the format that corresponds to your printer's setup (most likely A4 in Europe and Letter in North and Latin America). The Yuko-Ori printable patterns can be used to wrap either notebook format!

Template for A7 on A4 paper size

Template for B6.5 on A4 paper size

Template for A7 on Letter paper size

Template for B6.5 on Letter paper size

Origami Book Wrapper Instructions

Printable Pattern for A4 paper size

Printable Pattern for Letter paper size

Make sure to send photos of your results to Paper-Oh on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and, most importantly, have fun!