Downloads & Extras

Paper-Oh notebooks are the product of our passion for and knowledge of book design. But what fun is it if we keep all our secrets secret? Check in here for fun downloads and book art tips from the pros.

Printable Bookmarks

When we say we want to push the limits of what people expect from a notebook, we don’t mean stopping at the back cover. Even our bookmark is the product of some cutting-edge design skills! Not only can you pop the front of your bookmark between one set of pages and the tip between another to mark two totally different thoughts, but you get to choose whether you want to mark your pages horizontally or vertically! Additionally, all bookmarks that come with Paper-Oh notebooks (Ondulo, Circulo, Quadro, Yuko-Ori, and Puro) have a peel-off sticker, allowing you to either keep moving your bookmark around or keep it in place. But, what happens if your notebook doesn’t come with one of these great page markers, or if you want an extra bookmark or two?

That’s where we come in: Print off one of these PDFs and have fun decorating your very own, personalised Paper-Oh bookmark. Add a strip of double-sided tape if you decide you want your bookmark to “stick around.” We recommend printing on a slightly thicker paper stock than you would normally use, to increase the lifespan and ensure the effectiveness of your new bookmark.

Paper-Oh Bookmark – Long and Short

Paper-Oh Bookmark – Long Only

Paper-Oh Bookmark – Short Only