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Paper-Oh notebooks are the product of our passion for and knowledge of book design. But what fun is it if we keep all our secrets secret? Check in here for fun downloads and book art tips from the pros.

A Bookbinder’s Workshop

It’s no secret that our designers worked long and hard at converting their innovative handbound books into the international Paper-Oh product line. But that process would have been impossible if they weren’t prepared with well-stocked workshops. We recently chatted with our in-house bookbinder, Wade, as he took us through his bookbinding toolkit. From his absolute favourite tool, the screw punch, to his oversized scissors, a gift from fellow designer Nadine, Wade’s collection showcases the 15 must-have tools of any hand-binder.

Featuring common tools found in every household, like the ruler and protractor, as well as specialty items, like Wade’s bamboo bone folders picked up on a trip to China, our Bookbinding Tools poster is sure to inspire you in your creative binding pursuits.

Print your Bookbinding Tools poster by clicking here!