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Paper-Oh notebooks are the product of our passion for and knowledge of book design. But what fun is it if we keep all our secrets secret? Check in here for fun downloads and book art tips from the pros.

Origami Party Invitations

A few months back, we taught you how to wrap up the gift of a notebook using a hybrid of traditional origata and modern paper art. But what happens if you’re not the one giving the gifts but instead are in charge of hosting the party?

Nadine’s Paper-Oh Party Invitations will help your invites stand out when they arrive in the mail. Using only one sheet of paper per guest, you can write, wrap and send your greeting in just a few simple steps. The great part of about these paper invitations is that you can use any paper size, so you can feel free to get creative in your folding!

Print out a copy of our easy instruction guide and try your hand at this fun, unique type of letter. Once you’ve mastered the fold, simply open it back up to write your message inside!