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Golden Venture Fold Pencil Holder

Golden Venture Folding (also known as Chinese Paper Folding or 3D Origami) is a type of modular origami that combines many tiny folded pieces of paper into one full-size structure.

Once you’ve mastered the easy technique, the possibilities really are endless depending on how you connect the parts. We warn you: patience is required when folding the foundational pieces!

Because here at Paper-Oh we’re all about form AND function, we’re getting you started on this technique by showing you how to create an eye-catching pencil (or other utensil) holder!

We’re showing the steps using standard sheets of white A4 paper, but feel free to play around with colours and types of paper to achieve the look you like!

Learning the Fold

Step One: Start off with a sheet of A4 paper. Fold and cut it in half lengthwise, then fold and cut into quarters. Keep folding like this until you have 32 individual rectangles of paper (and then make more, and more, and more).

Step Two: For each small rectangle, fold in half lengthwise and then widthwise. The larger the pencil holder you want to make, the more small rectangles you will need (we warned you this will be time-consuming). The looser you make your folds, the better!

Step Three: Fold each piece into an arrow shape.

Step Four: At the back of the arrow there will be two flaps created. Fold each of these in half, diagonally.

Step Five: Fold these triangular flaps down over the back of the arrow and then fold the arrow in half to create one right-angled triangle.

Step Six: Congratulations! You have created the foundation of Golden Venture Folding, made up of two key parts – Tabs (indicated by white arrows) and Pockets (in blue). Now you can start putting them together!

Creating the Pencil Holder

Step Seven and Eight: Push the folded tabs of two individual pieces into the pockets of a third piece.

Step Nine: Keep adding more pieces using the tab-into-pocket method, until you’ve created a ring and the two ends join up in a tight, neat base. When creating the base be aware that the larger your base, the larger the entire pencil holder ends up becoming and therefore, the more individual pieces you will need to fold.

Step Ten: Once you have a ringed base in place, begin stacking the next layer by sliding the pockets of one piece vertically onto two tabs below.

Step Eleven: Keep building until you’ve reached the height you’d like.

Step Twelve: Put the finished pencil holder on your desk, fill it up and watch the compliments roll in!