Design Stories

There’s more than meets the eye in every Paper-Oh notebook. Get insider details on our design decisions and inspirations here.

Big City, Small Notebook


Definitive. Bold. Retro.

There’s nothing square about these urban notebooks. Inspired by the key elements of a bustling city, our Paper-Oh Quadro series embodies the best of these high-functioning environments.

Everyone knows the classic street layout of a busy downtown – the grid pattern. And just as this staple of city planning helps pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, the lay-flat binding and smooth writing paper of Paper-Oh Quadro lets sketchers, scribblers and aspiring authors achieve a fluid workflow.

One of our two cornerstone series (with its polka dot companion, Circulo), Quadro proves that inspiration for great design can come from anywhere. As we developed our Paper-Oh product line we saw this familiar pattern on everything from an underground German tunnel to a luxurious fireplace to the lid of a metallic toolbox! Embodying the qualities of balance and unity, this square grid is a classically pleasing pattern that appeals to our inherent desire for stability and order, and we just knew it would be the perfect backbone of Paper-Oh Season One.

But that’s not to say you can’t have some fun with this geometric standard! As with Circulo, we’ve ever so slightly adjusted the spacing of Quadro’s cutouts to make for an optimally pleasing layout, creating an utterly hip pattern that you can get lost in.