Design Stories

There’s more than meets the eye in every Paper-Oh notebook. Get insider details on our design decisions and inspirations here.

A Design Good Enough to Eat


Playful. Fun. Surprising.

Often all it takes is one small adjustment to transform the ordinary into something playfully unexpected. From peekholes to horizontal elastic closures to colourfully lined page edges, Buco notebooks take these tiny touches and turn them into lasting delights.

And just how did we come up with these unexpected features? Well, our specific techniques are a closely guarded secret but the inspiration behind Buco’s peekaboo holes is the real story anyway!

In the early years of Paper-Oh, Nadine and Wade would get together with our talented and creative designers to share ideas. Sometimes inspiration was struck by a fashion spread or architectural digest, but for Buco they truly went with their gut instincts. The peekthrough holes on the spines of these notebooks are based on a binding technique Nadine learned in a design course, and from the moment this fun detail was added to the books our designers had an almost Pavlovian response! With holes resembling those found in Swiss cheese, Buco books began to look almost good enough to eat. So yummy, in fact, that to this day we still fondly refer to them as our “cheesebook”!

If you love Buco’s playful personality like we do, you’d better get your hands on one soon! Buco is a limited run, one season only edition to the Paper-Oh collection, making these notebooks all the more special.