Design Stories

There’s more than meets the eye in every Paper-Oh notebook. Get insider details on our design decisions and inspirations here.

Make Your Mark with Ondulo


Tactile. Minimalist. Musical.

It seems as though a lot of things get credited undeservedly as being “the backbone of our society,” but in the case of corrugated cardboard that superlative statement may actually be the truth! From sturdy boxes used to ship items large and small around the world, to innovatively inexpensive furniture, gardening supplies and art projects, this environmentally friendly material pops up in all realms of life.

Even with corrugated cardboard’s near ubiquity, a journal made from the stuff has never been anyone’s dream. However, for our Paper-Oh designers, the idea of working with this tactile, industrial and high-quality material was too tempting to pass up. Rather than shying away from the fact that corrugated cardboard gets bent and smushed over time, we celebrate the fact that it shows the wear and tear of a life well lived!

Organic, natural and different every time, the corrugated covers of our Ondulo notebooks offer the effect of both emboss and deboss finishes at once. With peaks and valleys, these covers will become imprinted based on an individual user’s life experiences.

Our team members have been getting to know Ondulo for the past few months, and just check out how they've been able to express their unique character on the covers of these books! What will your Ondulo say about you?