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There’s more than meets the eye in every Paper-Oh notebook. Get insider details on our design decisions and inspirations here.

Paper-Oh Cahiers: The Ultimate Portable Notebook


Flexible. Compact. Binary.

Our Circulo- and Ondulo-inspired Cahiers may be the most deceptively complex notebooks in the entire Paper-Oh line. At first glance, you see what appears to be a typical cahier-style notebook, with a folded spine and single signature inside.

Standard cahiers have visible thread or staples along the spine, but when crafting our Paper-Oh line we wanted to create a simple form with nothing to distract from the overall design. Because we wanted to be able to show the coloured endpapers of the Circulo Cahiers through the thumb holes on the spine, we needed to utilise a technique that would connect the signature to the endpapers but be invisible on the outside of the book. We ended up employing a “jump sewn” technique – which is exactly what it sounds like. Take a closer look at the middle of the signature and you'll see where the thread jumps ahead!

When we talked to Paper-Oh designer Wade about the decision to add a Cahiers collection to our Season 1 selection, he summed it up simply and eloquently: "Cahiers are the ultimate portable notebooks." With clean, simple lines, a lower page count than our other books, a grid interior option and freedom from extra "frills" like closures, pockets or bookmarks, Cahiers are an easy choice for students or anyone else on the go.

Of course, as with all Paper-Oh products, we've stepped up the usual cahier game with hidden stitching and more substantial covers, meaning these notebooks are ready to withstand daily use. Even better? They're sold in double packs, so there's no pressure to choose just one cover design!